Saturday, August 29, 2009

My Sister lock Journey

Hi my name is Shawonne a.k.a Christian Suga Mama ( My locks were born on June 21,2009. I have small to medium sized locks. I am a D.I.Y loctician and a licensed stylist. I love sisterlocks but couldn't afford the high price of the installation so I decided to do it myself. Since I got locked up, I am Free ;-)(Free from that creamy crack). I am having such a love affair with my hair. Just can't keep my hands out of my hair.

Next week I have a new client to install kinky twist locks using the similiar locking technique as the sister locks. I don't know who is more excited, her or me. I promise to post the photos very soon. Please check back soon . I am waiting for my daughter to send me a copy of one of my first photos of locks.

My new found freedom and spiritual awakening has encouraged me to begin my weightloss journey also. Having sister locks does something good for my soul. " I Love my Sisterlocks"

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